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You are reading topic "Lochlyn Munro" in forum "Non-Porn Personalities."

Don Normann
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(Posted Tuesday, June 08, 1999, 3:19:00 PM)

Not a name that sounds familiar? It might very soon. Just saw A NIGHT AT THE ROXBURY yesterday, and in it he plays the idiotic, musclebound PT friend of Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell's equally clueless Butabi Brothers. He's also in the excreable DEAD MAN ON CAMPUS, as the prime suicidal candidate to room with twink babes Tom Everett Scott and Mark Paul Gosselaar. Goofy and extremely hunky in a fratboy sort of way, he has that "David Arquette" cute-doofus thing going, but with a considerably better bod.

Anyone else heard of him or seen him in other flicks?

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(Posted Tuesday, June 08, 1999, 5:30:00 PM)

Try this link, Don:


The only thing I've seen him in was "Night at the Roxbury", but you answered the "where HAVE I seen this guy before?" question that's been nagging me ever since by mentioning "Dead Man on Campus". I haven't seen it, but I noticed him in the commercials and kept trying to figure out who he was and why I hadn't heard of him.

BTW, it's Lochlyn MUNRO. I wonder if there's any chance he's related to horror cult actress Caroline Munro, who was the daughter of '50s actress Janet Munro ("The Day the Earth Caught Fire", "Darby O'Gill & the Little People", opposite Sean Connery)?

Don Normann
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(Posted Wednesday, June 09, 1999, 6:27:00 AM)

Thanks, X! Should've remembered that IMDB is usually a good resource for listings on everybody--I didn't realize that this guy had already racked up so many credits!

Troy S
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(Posted Wednesday, June 09, 1999, 11:25:00 AM)

Hey Don, I was actually going to put up a thread myself about lochlyn awhile ago, but never did. You can see Lochlyn in a movie called High Voltage, which also stars Antonio Sabato Jr. Lochlyn is one of the main characters in this movie. It's pretty good for a b rated movie. Lochlyn was also in Needful Things, Usual Suspects, and a lot of Tv movies. He's from Canada.

Any other questions about lochlyn, please feel free to email me, or post them here. Take care.

Troy S
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(Posted Wednesday, June 09, 1999, 11:32:00 AM)

Correction! the movie was unlikely suspects, not usual suspects. He was also in run, Trancers 4, unforgiven, etc.

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(Posted Wednesday, June 09, 1999, 1:37:00 PM)

Y'know, I recently saw "Needful Things" on DVD and don't remember him, though I saw the listing on the IMDb filmography. What did he do in the film? (IIRC, his character was listed as "John LaPointe".)

BTW, there are actually TWO versions of "Needful Things"-- the theatrical cut (the only version released on DVD, dammit) and an extended version prepared from outtakes, shown on TNT as a two-part miniseries. Among other changes, the long version has extended footage of Elvis-obsessed Cora Rusk (Lisa Blount), who's reduced to a couple of pointless walk-ons in aviator shades in the short version.

Anony Moose
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(Posted Thursday, June 10, 1999, 3:17:00 PM)

If you are lucky enough to have DirecTV, you can watch him in his younger days on the teen-soap "Northwood" on Trio. (www.triotv.com)

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(Posted Thursday, June 10, 1999, 7:55:00 PM)

As already mentioned, Lochlyn is indeed Canadian (as am I which is why I knew his name on sight. That and because he's a hunk!) The vast majority of his work has been in Canadian television and film. He's also appeared in a lot of U.S. movies that have filmed in Canada.

He's since moved to the States where he's appeared in some of the films you've mentioned. Anony Moose mentioned that he did the Canadian t.v. series "Northwood". In it his character had some nude scenes including a dream sequence in which his (eventually) paralyzed character dreams of running nude on the beach(!). He's older that he looks (around 30 I'd venture); he's been at the acting thing for awhile now. I hope he hits it big in Hollywood.

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(Posted Monday, June 14, 1999, 12:35:00 PM)

This is slightly off-topic, but...

According to what I read on the Campfire Video discussion board, the bouncer shown at the end of "A Night at the Roxbury" is former PLAYGIRL /ADVOCATE MEN nude model Chad Ullery, billed as "Chad Bannon".

And who's the hottie in the health club we see a few seconds before Lochlyn Munro's entrance? (The DVD kindly begins a chapter right as he's on camera, making it SO easy to replay this unbilled extra's few moments onscreen...)

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