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  whose side would you take?

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You are reading topic "whose side would you take?" in forum "Gay-Themed Shows."

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(Posted Tuesday, February 13, 2001, 10:10:00 PM)

Regarding the 2/11 episode, should Brian have signed the papers giving Melanie guardianship of Gus?

I think not. Brian is the father, and he should play an active role in his child's life and not give up his legal rights.

Whose side would YOU take?

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(Posted Tuesday, February 13, 2001, 11:59:00 PM)

I'm not a lawyer but it seems there should be some legal protection available for Melanie ... she deserves it. Yet I don't feel Brian should have to sign away all his parential rights, either.


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(Posted Wednesday, February 14, 2001, 9:12:00 AM)

Internally, the episode suggested that the only way for Melanie to get the rights she needs to, for example, deal with doctors in the case of an emergency, is for Brian to give up his rights. I don't know if this is really Pennsylvania law, but it points out that hetero-centric laws make it difficult for gay "families" like this to live "ordinary" lives. We want Brian to be connected, both emotionally and legally to his son, and even Melanie would grudgingly agree to this. There needs to be a legal mechanism that can recognize this sort of family unit. I know of two similar situations in real life that have run into these same conflicts - arising in no small part from laws that never considered the realities of modern reproductive science and the extended "families" common in gay culture.

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