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(Posted Thursday, February 15, 2001, 9:34:00 PM)

I've heard he's in the military(?), but has he actually retired from doing gay porn?

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(Posted Friday, February 16, 2001, 12:28:00 AM)

I've missed you, Mathias--and you have impec(toral)cable taste in topics! :-)

Rick is in a recent bi release called "Mass Appeal". I haven't bothered to see it as I heard his scene amounts to his sticking it to Nick Steel in the presence of a chick. 'Much prefer Rick as a bottom (and one-on-one).

David Forest posted, within the last couple months, that he understands Rick is still in the military (trade pubs have long claimed he's been in the Navy)--and that "work" has been limiting his time available for vid appearances; Mr. Forest added that he didn't believe that Rick would consider himself retired from performing.

And to think, I could conceivably wind-up stationed with Rick--even be required to take care of his medical needs (entirely professionally, as always--of course!!! :-).

Ummm--I want him smooth or "natural", but particularly like 'im shaved-down. Drat, 'shall always regret having missed him at Nob Hill Theatre by a few weeks, last summer.

He's one of the prime reasons I check the "Upcoming" (flicks) list @ mannet.com, every so often.

This post was edited 2/16/01 12:29:46 AM by relntls1.
This post was edited 2/16/01 12:31:44 AM by relntls1.

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(Posted Friday, February 16, 2001, 7:01:00 AM)

I don't know if he's in the military or not, but I see him fairly frequently around the Atlanta gay ghetto... just saw him at the grocery store last week. Still attractive, still full of attitude.

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(Posted Friday, February 16, 2001, 7:39:00 PM)

According to an April 1999 issue of UNZIPPED Magazine, Rick Chase was studying to be an Accountant and was living in San Diego CA? He's living in an Atlanta Gay Ghetto? (hhmm, thought he was supposedly Straight?)I'm guessing he moves around quite a bit.
Mojo; What do you mean he was "Full of Attitude"? Did you approach him and he was Cold? Please give us all the Goss on this Hottie :o)

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(Posted Sunday, February 18, 2001, 2:53:00 AM)

Yeah.(?) Aaron Lawrence, who co-starred with him on "The Dream Team", has been on here saying that Rick's preferred means of self-fluffing is with glossy str8 mags.

Yet he's more than credibly reported to LOVE getting screwed (given his reliably simultaneous rock-hardness).

This post was edited 2/18/01 2:55:51 AM by relntls1.

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(Posted Sunday, February 18, 2001, 8:49:00 AM)

My apologies, for some reason I always mix Rick Chase up with Kyle Becker... it's Kyle I seem to run into a lot in Atlanta... I'd prefer to run into Rick Chase... repeatedly... from behind....

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(Posted Sunday, February 18, 2001, 5:38:00 PM)

That's Cool, Mojo, In fact, I've heard from other people on here that Kyle Becker has a bit of an Attitude. However, I tend to take most of what I read with a grain of salt these days.


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(Posted Saturday, March 03, 2001, 4:10:00 PM)

This Topic has been moved from Forum "Favorite Videos / Pornstars".

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