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  Saudi's Question Gay Wedding Guests

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You are reading topic "Saudi's Question Gay Wedding Guests" in forum "Gay Marriages and Unions."

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(Posted Monday, March 01, 2004, 11:36:00 AM)

Saudi Arabia's religious police are questioning 50 people who were scheduled to be guests at a "gay" wedding which is illegal in Saudi Arabia.


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(Posted Monday, March 01, 2004, 12:18:00 PM)

How intolerant and backwards of them. Filthy Islamo-fascist terrorists! Someone send John Ashcoft over there and teach them about democracy and freedom!

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(Posted Wednesday, March 03, 2004, 9:09:00 PM)

Luv2 - I know you're being ironic but it's really not something to be glib about.

Women have it bad in Saudi, men accused of being gay can be stoned to death in a pit.

Through all the post september 11th debates I'be been broadminded - Palestine has been an issue for me long before recent events -the west has allowed Israel to wrong Palestinians without redress for far too long.

That is a side issue as far as this goes however - all the liberal media has looked at extreme Islam vis a vis their attitudes to women. Many women Western women have said that, within the context of their faith, thay find Islam liberating, has any talked to gay muslims in any meaningful way? Certainly not in the UK.

I'm agnostic but as long as any faith group tries to deny my right to determine my own life I will have issues with them. Speaking as an EX-catholic.

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(Posted Wednesday, March 03, 2004, 9:24:00 PM)

It is ironic that in a country that treats gays so poorly a high percentage of married Saudi men routinely engage in homosexual acts. A close friend of mine spent 2 years working in Saudi Arabia and he said it was unbelievable how so many Saudi families had Phillipino houseboys. These "boys" were there to do the routine houseboy chores as well as cater to the husband's sexual needs. Gotta love all those devout Muslim dudes.

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(Posted Thursday, March 04, 2004, 8:57:00 PM)

Britpark - that may or may not be so. Whatever the case, we're dealing with a society where the public display of homosexual behaviour could result in death. I've no doubt there's much hypocrisy because I had a Saudi boyfriend. Can't say more than that.

Back to my main point above. Why do the press focus on the fundamentalists'treatment of women but totally ignore the evils they do to gay men?

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(Posted Tuesday, March 09, 2004, 2:31:00 PM)

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