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  The 2007 "Hard Choice" Awards

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You are reading topic "The 2007 "Hard Choice" Awards" in forum "Favorite Videos / Pornstars."

David Forest
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(Posted Thursday, January 04, 2007, 3:25:00 AM)

The 13th Annual Hard Choice Awards
by Onan the Vulgarian

There is a monthly gay publication out of Phoenix, AZ called, "X-Factor," which reviews gay adult movies, has "news" about the gay XXX business, etc. The editor's pen name is "Onan The Vulgarian" ... and Onan has, for the past 13 years, given out his own, "Hard Choice Awards," which he personally chooses. There's no ceremony, no drama, no limos, no after-parties, etc.

Onan is quite famous for being a bit, "on the edge" ... as far as his choices. This year is not too different. Without further adoo, here are the winners of this year's, "Hard Choice Awards," as chosen by Onan The Vulgarian of X-Factor Magazine:

Performer of the Year
Spencer Quest

Best Film
Going Under, Jet Set
Hon. Mention: La Dolce Vita, Lucas Entertainment

Best Director

Steven Scarborough, Justice, Black-N-Blue, Trunks 2, Hot House

Hon. Mention: Tony Dimarco and Michael Lucas La Dolce Vita, Lucas Entertainment

Best Screenplay
Tony Dimarco, La Dolce Vita, Lucas Entertainment
Hon. Mention: Jack Rabbit, Going Under, Jet Set

Best Actor
Colby Taylor Big Rig, Buckshot Productions
Hon. Mention: Julian Vincenzo Good Fellows, High Octane

Best Supporting Actor
Tommy Ritter, 2nd Inning: Little Big League II, Channel 1 Releasing

Hon Mention: Brad Star, The Bottoming Desire: Masterpiece, Fierce Dog


Best Non-Sexual Performance

Paul Barresi, The Velvet Mafia, Falcon Studios

Hon Mention: Gabriel DuBois, The Da Vinci Load, PZP Productions

Best Videography
Tony Dimarco La Dolce Vita, Lucas Entertainment
Hon. Mention: Lords of the Jungle, Raging Stallion

Best Art Direction
Tony Dimarco La Dolce Vita, Lucas Entertainment
Hon. Mention: Chi Chi LaRue's diplodocus-inspired hairstyle The Velvet Mafia, Falcon Studios

Most Passionate Sex
Arpad Miklos & Luca DiCorso, Fucking With the Stars, Channel 1 Releasing
Hon. Mention: Roberto Giorgio & Karel Rok, The School for Lovers, Lucas Kazan Productions

The Year's Best Sex
Jason Harley & Rafael Alencar, Bar Trade, Studio 2000
Brad Patton & Omer, Big Rig, Buckshot Productions
Johnny Hazzard & Benjamin Bradley, Delinquents, Channel 1 Releasing
Park Wiley & Antonio Madeira, The Devil Inside, HIS Video
Michael Lucas & Milan Gamiani, Encounters: The Point of No Return, Lucas Entertainment
Derrick Vinyard & Jason Adonis, From Top to Bottom, Falcon Studios
Nick Marino & Trey Casteel, Humping Iron, Raging Stallion
Powell Keaton & Dominic Pacifico, Plowed, Factory Video
Chris Clark & Ryan Lynch, Something Much Bigger, IOP Productions

Shane Rollins & Trevor Knight, Justice, Hot House


Best Sex for 3 or More
Vin Nolan, Manuel Torres & Sergio Anthony, Manhattan, Raging Stallion
Hon. Mention: Carlo Masi, Luke Garrett & Gage Weston, Man Country, COLT Studio

Best Oral Sex
Nick Horn, Nick Marino, Zackary Pierce, Knob Bobbin'; Rascal Video
Hon. Mention: the cast of Black-N-Blue; Hot House

Best Rimming
Antonio Madeira & Marcos Pirelli, The Devil Inside, HIS Video
Hon. Mention: Jason Tiya & Mario Cruz, No Exit, Dark Alley Media

Most Fuckable Boy in the World

Damon Phoenix

Best Music (3-way tie)
Rock Hard, Nicholas Pavkovic and Sharon Kane, Big Rig; Buckshot Productions
Rock Hard, Justice; Hot House
Mon Cousin Belge, theme song from The Velvet Mafia, Falcon Studios

Having a Blast! (Cum Shots)
Cole Ryan's no-hands gusher while getting rimmed by Zackary Pierce, Spy Quest 2; Titan
Hon. Mention: the cast of Winner Takes All; Channel 1 Releasing

Best New Kids on the Block
Director: Collin O'Neal
Studio: Fierce Dog
Performer: Brant Moore

Best Solo
Kent North, At Your Service, Hot House
Hon. Mention: Joey Russo, Escape From San Francisco, Raging Stallion

Best Mind Fuck
Cliff Rhodes' "heart-to-heart" with future son-in-law Colby Keller,
Lifeguard: The Men of Deep Water Beach, Titan

Rub Me the Right Way
Juan Jimenez jerks Rocky Oliveira to climax in a second-story window,
showering the arriving guests with jism, Fire Dance, Kristen Bjorn

Who Needs a Top? Award
Tory Mason & Steven Pulse, The Bottoming Desire, Fierce Dog

Best Homage to Cleopatra
Mario Segovia gives Matthias Vannelli and
Zeca Romeira a milk bath in the courtyard,
Fire Dance, Kristen Bjorn

Best Classic DVD
Screenplay, Bijou Video

Hottest Man on the Planet
Rocky Oliveira

Best Buns
Zackary Pierce

Best Chest
Glenn Santoro

Deepest Throat
Derrick Hanson

Onan's Pantheon of Michelangelo Bodies
Shane Collins, Claudio Antonelli

Chance Erotic Moment
Zackary Pierce leaning in the doorway when he arrives to fix the water cooler,
2nd Inning: Little Big League II, Channel 1 Releasing

Savage Humor Award
Joe Gage's Godzilla homage, Deep Water Beach Patrol, Titan
Hon Mention: The cross-stitched cover art for Raging Stallion's Hole Sweet Hole

Things They Didn't Teach You at School
The flogging technique used by Joe G., Folsom Filth, Titan


This post was edited 1/4/2007 4:49:50 AM by David Forest.

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