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  "The Florida Erection" (All Worlds Video)

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You are reading topic ""The Florida Erection" (All Worlds Video)" in forum "Video Reviews."

Butch Harris
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(Posted Monday, February 05, 2001, 9:19:00 AM)

REVIEW - "The Florida Erection" (All Worlds Video) - REVIEW

A Video Review by Butch Harris

*** Highly Recommended ***

"The Florida Erection: No One Likes Bush" (All Worlds Video)

Director: Bud Light


Rick Ritter ("Al Bore")
Ryan Chandler (Republican Party Observer)
Kaleb Hayes ("George Gush")
Tuck Johnson (Democratic Party Observer)
Lance Landers ("Al Bore" Campaign Worker)
Jason Nichols ("Judge McAllister")
Dillon Pierce (Election Ballot Truck Driver)
Enrico Vega (Cop, "Governor Jeb Gush" Operative)
Tanner Hayes (Election Office Worker)
Brandon James (Election Worker)
Lana Luster (non-sexual, "Drag Queen Harris")
Anthony Cox ("Governor Jeb Gush")
Kevin Glover (non-sexual, News Anchor)
Andrew Addams (non-sexual, News Reporter "Martin Wannamaker")

If you, like me, enjoy the Three P's: porn, politics and parody -- you're going to love this hilarious account of our nation's darkest moment. No, not the Monica Lewinsky scandal (as many Republicans would have you believe), but the "selection" of George W. Bush as the 43rd president of the United States. "The Florida Erection" does a great job of telling a fictionalized account of what (and who) went "down" in Florida.

Our history lesson begins with Dillon Pierce (boy-next-door, brunet, big cut cock, nice ass, large mouth), an election ballot truck driver, being pulled over by policeman -- or Jeb Gush operative? -- Enrico Vega (handsome, Latin, big uncut cock, bushy mustache). Vega demands that Dillon show him his cargo and then demands a blowjob as well. On his knees, Dillon gives "one for the Gipper" and hungrily chows down on Vega's thick piece. Vega, not to be outdone by a Democrat, gives Dillon's cock and asshole a good licking before shoving a condom-covered nightstick up Dillon's hole. Dillon heaves his glorious ass up and down on the black stick before pumping a load of cum onto the stacks of ballots in the back of the van -- and then Vega splatters the ballots with gobs of goo, too.

The "cum-drenched ballots" become the "chad problem" of the real election and Lance Landers (tall, handsome, military tattoos, huge mushroom-headed cock) and Brandon James (pretty boy, medium build, thick upturned cock) discuss how the disputed ballots cannot be counted given their stickiness (some of the punch holes are partially or fully blocked by cum). They quickly decide that they would rather suck cock than figure out what to do with the ballots, so Brandon drops to his knees to reveal the enormous penis that belongs to Lance. It's an impressive slab of meat with a big head (10-plus inches, at least) and Brandon does a good job of handling the monster. Lance then chomps down on Brandon’s dick (quite possibly the perfect cock: thick, slightly upturned, nice heavy balls). Lance then bends Brandon over a big table to shove that big cock of his into his fellow American's smooth butt. The bent-over position progresses to missionary and then finally to a rousing sit-fuck as Brandon cums a nice load followed by a big gusher from Lance's mighty cock.

During a press conference, Drag Queen Harris announces George Gush the victor. Later, in Governor Jeb Gush's office, Drag Queen Harris sings "The Star Spangled Banner" as Jeb Gush (Anthony Cox) jerks his big cock to climax. His creamy load lands on her face (she’s crouched down in front of him) smudging her pancake make-up. One of the video's funniest moments (certainly this was not what Francis Scott Key had in mind).

The next scene depicts the hand counting ballot process made infamous by CNN and MSNBC during the "Battle for the White House." Tuck Johnson (handsome, brunet, gymnast build, thick anvil-shaped cock) is the Democratic observer, Ryan Chandler (Hollywood movie star Nicholas Cage look-alike, tall, fair, brunet, average cock) is the Republican observer and Tanner Hayes (cute, tanned, smooth, medium build, right-curving cock) is the "Seminal" county election office worker. The three men get into a dispute over whether a vote should be for Gush or Bore and decide to resolve the matter with cock sucking and butt fucking. All three trade blows and then Ryan rims Tanner, then Tuck rims Tanner, then Ryan fucks Tanner doggy on a ballot table, then Tuck fucks Tanner missionary before all three, in a circle jerk, dump their loads and share a three-way kiss to end the scene (but not the ballot problem).

During a phone conversation, Judge McAllister (Jason Nichols) explains to Jeb Bush that he will take care of the ballot problem. He hangs up and decides to jerk off. Jason is a cute redhead with smooth pink skin and an average cock. He proceeds to yank out an average load of cum.

The big finale, of course, is a sex scene with Al Bore and George Gush in a game of Whose Dick Is Bigger? Well, heavy-hung Rick Ritter wins that one easily and so Kaleb Hayes plops down on his knees to pledge his allegiance to the flagpole. Rick Ritter is a very muscular young man who looks like the quintessential college football player (wide back, wide neck, big cock) and Kaleb honestly looks like a young version of George W. Bush (medium build, bushy eyebrows, average cock). Kaleb slurps away at Rick's cock in various positions and then rims his hairy asscrack atop a big conference table. Rick then gives Kaleb a very wet and sloppy blowjob before fucking him in various positions -- missionary-style, sit-fuck and pole-driver -- all with great enthusiasm and patriotism. Rick and Kaleb both toss out presidential money-shots.

"The Florida Erection: No One Likes Bush" is a sexy little video with lots of laughs, lots of twentysomething models, and, most importantly, lots of hot sex. The production values, sets, costumes and dialogue are way above average. Generally speaking, porn parodies are slapdash efforts with little effort beyond the box cover, but "The Florida Erection" goes above and beyond to show porn and politics as cozy bedfellows.

A Video Review by Butch Harris

*** Highly Recommended ***

REVIEW - "The Florida Erection" (All Worlds Video) - REVIEW

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(Posted Monday, February 05, 2001, 5:45:00 PM)

It's got to be worth renting just for that entire title!!!

Butch Harris
View Profile     Send Email     Edit Post
(Posted Thursday, February 08, 2001, 4:49:00 AM)


It's a real hoot; you'll enjoy it.


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