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(Posted Tuesday, October 13, 2009, 2:24:00 AM)


This post was edited 11/23/2009 4:33:23 PM by Buddyboy.

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(Posted Thursday, November 19, 2009, 1:35:00 PM)

This film was actually made in 2006. Why it is being released now and why there is a "director's cut" when it's essentially a new director is beyond me.

I also wouldn't refer to it as a Kristen Bjorn film at all. Nor did I find it particularly inspired. It has a techno track - quite prominent and loud in parts, "titles" between sequence, features an almost entirely Latin American cast (something Bjorn hasn't done in years), few if any scenes that are not simple duos and very static (meaning uninteresting, uninspired) scenes at that.

Also to correct the factual error in the initial review, this is an earlier Marvin and Andreas scene. Personally, I find it weaker than the bathtub bareback sequence in ACCION and definitely far weaker than the scene of them in SAO PAULO. The best part of it is towards the end of their duo scene, where Marvin gets topped, probably one of the better scenes of his bottoming, but the fucking of Andreas is ho hum and badly captured on film and he sports an bad, closely shorn to the head cut and a full, untrimmed beard that do not help his already Latin features.

That is probably the one constant in the film: the models have a very Latin appearance. Some of the models are well built but none of them are Carlos Montenegro in body type and Marvin probably has the best body and facial feature over all. Some of the models either have a muscley but soft body that is not helped by the feminine/Latino features of their face that some Latin men can have and others have that very harsh, severe look that other Latin men can have. No one is really very pretty nor very handsome in any kind of conventional sense (and don't read this to mean "white" - Blaze, for example, is a handsome man, and is Marvin, to name just to, and Marvin is clearly Latin in appearance).

The film is overly long although it does not feel padded the way PRIDE and ACCION felt, it just felt like the director filmed too much material and used it all. This is particular so because the guys repeat. It's similar to watching some Sean Cody or Randy Blue models come back to do a new scene with a different model and the only real difference is that the two guys having sex wear different underwear, but the sex itself is pretty routine (read static) and essentially dull.

The orgy is kind of dull, frankly, except for the fact that it doesn't feature the roving and poorly edited hallmarks of a Mr. Pam/Black Scorpion final movie ending orgy, not much better than one of those.

There is a nicely shot acrobatic gymnastic sequence in the middle of this mess that reminds one of Bjorn. Otherwise, this movie could easily have been say Studio 2Ks GHETTO and SPANISH RISING or any two bad Marco Studio or Alexander DVDs melded together to make one overlong DVD with none of the individual scenes that stood out in either of this films.

If you really must have every Marvin and Andreas scene, rent this. If you really really like the kind of Latin men you can find in some of the worse of the Marco Studio productions, then again rent this.

If you like Bjorn, avoid this as it's 3 hours of your life you will never get back.

Technically as proficient as a decent Studio 2K film or Mustang production, not as well edited or plotted as the best of Hot House or Titan, dull sexually in the pairings and positions, so at best a very kind C-.

Not at all recommended, certainly not "highly so.

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(Posted Sunday, November 22, 2009, 1:32:00 AM)

Yes, you would be factually correct, BB, if you had typed "what may POSSIBLY be their last RELEASED film together since they broke UP BEFORE THIS FILM WAS RELEASED."

What you typed suggests that LOVE ADDICTION was filmed and then they broke up. You are off by two years.

I'm not sure why you are making this minor correction into such a big deal -- it's not like I said you lied or intended to mislead anyone; it's an honest and simple error. People run around and update Wikipedia and other such places based on what they find on the internet -- so it would be nice if incorrect or imprecise and unclear "facts" were correctly stated.

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(Posted Monday, November 23, 2009, 1:15:00 PM)

BB, I would correct any mistake I come across, including my own.

If you find it an annoyance to have a factual misstatement made by you rectified, or find the making of only two such clarifications to be an obsession, those are your issues, which you should address, not direct onto others.

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