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  "Rock Me Harder"/"Indiscreet Passions" - SEVP

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You are reading topic ""Rock Me Harder"/"Indiscreet Passions" - SEVP" in forum "Video Reviews."

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(Posted Wednesday, April 27, 2011, 11:35:00 AM)

I just watched three older films from the Scandinavian SEVP/Blue Hotel Studio:

- 'Ready For More' (2004)
- 'Rock Me Harder' (2005)
- 'Indiscreet Passions' (2006)

All three with some attraktive actors, mainly from Eastern Europe.

Well, these works are not worth to write too many more words.

Just this:

Directing, editing and synchro are disappointing. The fucking in most of the
scenes is very brief and fiddling; stereotypical, without atmosphere and passion.

This company has a reliable tradition of producing steadily some of the weakest
and dullest threeways in gayporn history...

This post was edited 4/27/2011 11:42:43 AM by Errol_Sin.

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