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You are reading topic "MORAL MAJORITY BECOMES ORAL MAJORITY!" in forum "Politics As Usual!."

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(Posted Thursday, September 17, 1998, 5:32:00 PM)

I trust that the release of the Clinton videotape will backfire on the Republicans and their Moral Majority supporters.

It's obvious they once again are holier than any of us, their shit doesn't stink and their sexual transgressions are okay.

I remember when Clinton was in trouble over the Geniffer Flowers affair when he was first running for President. He appeared on the Phil Donahue talk show. When he finally got irritated at Donahue for posing the Flowers question and stated that it wasn't anyone's business, the audience cheered.

I can't imagine anyone feeling differently at seeing him undergoing questioning about personal sexual details and getting angry. I know I would be furious. I have always held lawyers at the bottom rung of society and have a higher regard for prostitutes who usually give you what you pay for.

As I stated in an earlier post the Grand Jury is a joke. The jury must follow what the prosecutor wants.

It is not surprising seeing George Bush questioning whether he wants to run for President in 2000. The Republicans have made it open season on personal privacy, except when it comes to their own indiscretions.

I have also stated in other strings that if the Republicans take control of the White House their first priority will be blocking a person's right to sexual freedom. Janet Reno has refused to enforce any of the obscenity laws, choosing instead to concentrate on more important matters. When it comes to sex, that is all a Republican cares about. They are the greatest perverts going. They will keep this affair going so they can get their kinky sexual thrills from it. Do Republicans orgasm?

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(Posted Thursday, September 17, 1998, 6:16:00 PM)

ATKOL - Of course they orgasm, if only to create little republics to follow in their footsteps. Although this is not 100% effective. Most of my family is Republican and I managed to escape the closed minded mentality.

Go Reno!!! She's got my support!!!


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(Posted Thursday, September 17, 1998, 9:26:00 PM)

Atkoll Video deserves my favorite laywer joke, again: The difference between an escort and a lawyer is that the escort stops fucking his client when he dies.

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