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  Washington's Other Scandal

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You are reading topic "Washington's Other Scandal" in forum "Politics As Usual!."

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(Posted Wednesday, October 07, 1998, 8:11:00 AM)

While we're all obsessing over everybody's sex life in Washington, the issue that may be the true Achilles Heel of all presently in office goes largely unnoticed.

While members of Congress haggle over campaign finance "reform", there's ample evidence that significant violations of PRESENT campaign laws occurred on both sides. PBS presented an excelent program outlining fundraising strategies practiced during the 1996 presidential and congressional campaigns:


I believe the only reason this isn't the main focus of impeachment proceedings against Clinton is that the Republicans couldn't stand the scrutiny either. If Clinton is ousted, I think we should be prepared for Gore to become the target of inquiries into fundraising practices of the DNC during the 1996 campaign.

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(Posted Wednesday, October 07, 1998, 7:49:00 PM)

The reason campaign violations are not the focus of the impeachment is that Reno, appointed by Clinton, has refused to appoint an independant counsel. In the meantime the Dept of Justice has seized the records on the pretence that it is investigating.

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(Posted Thursday, October 08, 1998, 6:44:00 PM)

Starbuck, you may have hit the nail on the head. Maybe I hadn't thought this matter through as thoroughly as I believed. Today I ran across the following editorial in the NY Times:


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