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  Just When We Thought it Was Over...

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You are reading topic "Just When We Thought it Was Over..." in forum "Politics As Usual!."

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(Posted Friday, November 27, 1998, 1:45:00 AM)

It seems the president may not be quite out of the woods yet.

Despite the conventional wisdom that last month's elections were a referendum on Clinton, and that "the american people want to put this whole sordid mess behind them", the House Judiciary Committee seems hell-bent on carrying out its constitutionally mandated duties.


Could it be that these politicians are willing to ignore the will of the people, and possibly commit political suicide? The other question is WHY.

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(Posted Friday, November 27, 1998, 10:53:00 PM)

I agree it was a referendum on Clinton but what was the result? The Democrats won back the control of the Houses? Democrats won? What is the will of the people if it was a referendum on Clinton? The Democrats just humiliated themselves on the Kenneth Starr testimony by showing how partisan they were. And Kenneth Starr's image has been improved because of that. So it means that it makes it more right for Kenneth Starr to continue to investigate Clinton if everything is according to the will of the people? What is the value of the "will of the people" under the law? I think basically "nothing" But politically, I know it means a lot. I am just interested in seeing how the so called "law makers" treat a President who lied under oath get away under the law but not the others. Some of Clinton's supporters say that it was all about sex and extramarital affairs so nobody can have a say on anything besides Ms. Clinton. But I remember Ms. Clinton was shaking her head and pointing fingers to accuse that the whole affair was not true and it was a right wing conspiracy. She continued to say that it would be a "really serious offense" if it could be proven to be true but she didn't think so.
I know the Republicans can also feel the "will of the people" as politicians, so it is interesting to see how the Republicans can get off this hook, to drop the case altogether because of the "will of the people" and at the same time, to save face of being called the "law makers".

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(Posted Sunday, November 29, 1998, 8:07:00 PM)

Republicans received more than 50% of all votes cast for the House, Senate and Governor's races. If the election was a referendum on the impeachment issue the message was to go forward with it.

Penn Bear
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(Posted Thursday, December 03, 1998, 1:23:00 AM)

This whole "will of the people" that has been bandied about for the past few months right now is nothing but bullshit.

Do people forget that at one time the will of the people said it was alright to own slaves, that only men could vote, 18 year olds could go off to the battlefield but not to the voting booth, etc., etc.? Do you just say, oh well, it's the will of the people when anti-gay measures are voted in?

If the "will of the people" really meant anything, there wouldn't be polls taken every twelve minutes to figure out just what the "will of the people" is. This supposed will of the people is nothing but a popularity contest and approval ratings. Remember how George Bush went from a 90 to below 20 percent approval rating. The same could yet happen to Clinton if the economy goes sour. Apparently his lying would become more serious if there were to be a recession.

I'm sure a lot of people are just afraid that if impeachment hearings proceed, something bad might happen to the price of some product or other, or stocks might go down as quick as Clinton's zipper.

Let's face it, right now the "will of the people" is to run out and pay several hundred dollars for some stupid fucking Furby because that's what the media has told them is the must have gift of Christmas 1998. Considering they haven't learned from Cabbage Patch Dolls and Tickle Me Elmo, why should we expect society to understand grand juries, perjury, and impeachment?

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