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You are reading topic "Hookers & Politicians" in forum "Politics As Usual!."

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(Posted Saturday, September 12, 1998, 4:45:00 PM)

I was reading in yesterday's paper that my representative here in California had said that his transgressions were nothing compared to Clintons and that his indiscretions didn't make him unfit for office but Clintons did.

Ken Calvert the 43rd District Congressman, (of course a Republican) was caught a few years ago with his pants unzipped with a hooker. When the police approached he took off trying to run away. Though never charged with anything because of his "connections with the police" he said it was ok because he was single. His actions clearly were illegal ( soliciting, failure to halt ). His hypocracy is so blantant that it borders on insanity.

Any one else got a politician who has a problem keeping it in his pants.

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(Posted Saturday, September 12, 1998, 6:22:00 PM)

I know this is not directly anwering the original query but I know A politician who seem NOT to have a problem keeping his dick in his pants although it sort of keeps me wondering HOW it's possible if he is as human as you and I. I'm talking about our mayor here in the good ole NYC, Rudy Giuliani. Yes, that anal-retentive, crime-busting-self-congratulatory Rudy Giuliani who is trying to singlehandedly rid New York of its decades-long reputation as the fun capital of the world. My point is, he is currently estranged from his wife, the tv personality Donna Hannover (therefore it is safe to assume that they no longer cohabit as a couple) so how does the good mayor get his rocks off? All good NYC denizens who had been directly or indirectly affected by his sexual fascism should look into this with more than mere passing interest. Especially since we are now in the age of sexual armageddon. There has got to be some titillating secrets within the walls of Gracie Mansion or, dare I say, inside City Hall. Anybody out there in the know, let us in...short of hiring a PD to do the scooping. Thanks in advance.

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(Posted Monday, September 14, 1998, 1:59:00 PM)

Talk to some of the DC strippers, and you'll hear some stories. I've heard stuff so controversial I could never repeat it here on Atkol, especially from Karl Thomas. People are people!!

Peter Scott

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(Posted Monday, September 14, 1998, 3:05:00 PM)

Oh come on Peter, you can't leave us like that. I know of some Congress people who you might be talking about but my information is third hand at best. I've never actually seen any Congress people at clubs in DC, but I rarely go to them so I could have just missed them.

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(Posted Monday, September 14, 1998, 4:20:00 PM)

PChuck do you think I want to be hauled before Ken Starrs Grand Jury. I don't think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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